If you were present at EGO Pro's April offering, or if you've just heard the rumblings, you know that Menace pulled in "The Science" Dave Pillman as his mystery partner - a talent that hasn't seen action in an EGO Pro ring since 2011. The duo did battle with The Young Bloodz and had things pretty well in hand until the Bloodz were working over Menace in a 2 on 1 situation. Cam Martinez cleared the ring in what we thought was a saving grace kind of moment, until the unthinkable happened when Martinez turned his back on his former partner and helped O and Spoon win the match.

Afterwords, Barry Allen showed up at ringside to declare a 6 man tag match would happen on May 7th - the three Young Bloodz teaming to take on Menace, Pillman.....and....well....BA asked what Dave Pillman's favorite cookie was - Dave only had to say "I LIKE OREOS" before the crowd erupted, and the Young Bloodz eyes turned big as saucers.

The return of Oreo to EGO Pro to team with Menace & Pillman can only signify that Saturday Night - May 7th will be a WAR.....A SIX MAN WAR!