EGO Pro Wrestling - Back In Athens Monthly!

EGO Pro Wrestling Presents

St. Valentine's Day After Massacre

February 15th, 2014
Athens, TN - National Guard Armory
413 County Road 554, Athens, TN
7PM Belltime
$7.00 for Adults - $5.00 for kids under 12

Our incredible main event set for February 15th features an unlikely pairing competing for the EGO Pro Heavyweight Championship. Current
EGO Pro Heavyweight Champion will be defending against former Champion, Ricky Valentine. While Valentine has been more active most
recently in the tag division he did present an interesting point to the Championship Committee - he had not received his rematch since
losing the title to Spoony Mack last March. A little more history that most people do NOT realize is, before Eddie Adams turned his back on
Bob O Mac in December of 2010 Evan Turner was to be Valentine's partner in that now infamous night that lit the match to one of the most
talked about teams/stables of wrestlers in East Tennessee history - The Money $hot Mafia. These two have only faced each other one
time in the past - however, we look for this match to be an instant classic.

These two teams come together for the very first time February 15th, and took two very different paths getting there. The
Young Bloodz came out victorious in the TLC match January 18th over the other top 3 teams. Jason Maxx & Brad
Ca$h fought each other earlier in the night, and were equally impressed with each others toughness, thus deciding if
they were to team together - they may be unbeatable. The Young Bloodz first title defense could prove to be their
toughest fight to date. The Maxx/Ca$h team's first time out could prove to be the toughest fight they've ever had.

Since winning the East Tennessee YouTube title in September, The Cadillac Cowboy has defended the title over 30
times, against countless top contenders in East Tennessee. After narrowly defeating Alex Stratton at the January
EGO event Burns go into a shoving match with Aaron G on his way to the locker room. Aaron who
previously wasn't a "top" contender for the title went to the championship committee and applied for a shot the
following Monday, and was approved for the shot at the February EGO event. If the Cowboy makes it thru
his 5 scheduled defenses in late January/early February, he defends against the man he insulted in a hallway...and
potentially one of the biggest threats to his title since winning it.

Two of the most insane turns to the dark side have came in the last few months - both men - previous fan favorites
siding with the venomous "God's Will" turned their backs on the fans, as well as their friends. Now Shane Daniels and
The Artist Formerly Known As Funk Master V (TAFKAFMV) will take on two of those friends in Barry Allen & Dwayne
Windham. Will Windham & Allen be able to pull their friends from the clutches of the evil "GW" or will they
show no mercy in avenging the stab wounds from the knives in their backs....

TLC saw the return of Nino Sparkz. He reformed the team of "Tha' Limit" with his brother D'Andre Jaxon to walk in the
late favorite. Of course standing in their way was the incredible up and coming team of The Saints. Tyler Jett &
Joseph Knight have been on a mad tear in EGO Pro as of late, but have constantly complained they're being overlooked
in the rankings and top matches. This is their chance to step up to the plate.....unfortunately stepping up to the
plate means they're about to be pushed to tha' limit.

These two men, coming straight from Japan walk into EGO Pro set to do battle in front of the best fans in the
region. Both men have heard tale of how incredible the environment is at EGO, and arranged to engage in
combat, in said environment. Their battles have been nothing short of legendary, all over the world. On February 15th
they bring international flavor to EGO Pro.

This incredible three way dance is signed for the February 15th EGO Show. Eddie Adams, the first graduate of the EGO Pro
DOJO, former heavyweight champion, multi-time tag champion and top contender all over the region. Tristen Ramsey, just
voted most popular wrestler of the year, former tag champion, and constant underdog. Chris Crunkk, who's only wrestled
once at EGO, but is a top up & coming wrestler in the area. These three men will step into the ring with each other
to see who is the top young lion in EGO. No matter who wins, or loses - this will be an incredible match-up, not soon to be forgotten.

Last May these two men teamed up to take on the EGO Pro Tag Champions. A month later they earned "Match Of The Night" on one of the
biggest shows of the year. Later that night the then "Black Tiger" unmasked and joined the Money $hot Mafia. The rematch took forever
to sign, but it will finally happen on February 15th. Regardless of the outcome, Menace will take on the EGO Pro
Heavyweight Champion in March - If the Black Diamond can defeat the Blackenese Assassin, that would surely not only be a
HUGE feather in his cap - but also put him in line for a title shot of his own.

-----------------Directions To The Athens/Etowah National Guard Armory---------------
If coming from I-75 - Get off at Exit 49, and head toward town (coming from south take a right - coming north, take a right- or just go toward the restaurants) This is
HIGHWAY 30 and you will be on this road the entire time! You'll go all through Athens, count the red lights - You'll go thru 11 of them. Aprox 2.5 miles after the last one the armory
will be on the left side of the road - with a huge tank in front.

If coming from Highway 411 - turn onto Highway 30 off of Highway 411 (in Etowah - Highway 30 T-stops into 411 - Highway 30 comes out directly in front of
the Kangaroo gas station (and Bi-Lo is right next door to the Kangaroo) Once you're on Highway 30 it's aprox 5 miles on the right. Keep your eyes open
when you see the traffic cones on the road that direct you onto the new road.

And just incase you rely on GPS -
413 County Road 554 - Athens, TN 37303